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The Winston Salem Florist Association brings it's design talents to the 2023 Carolina Classic Fair.

September 29th thru October 8th

The numbers are in: 270,190 guests attended the Carolina Classic Fair—including 16,805 attendees on Friday, September 29, the largest opening day since 2013. Overall attendance was up 18% over 2022’s Carolina Classic Fair, which had a total attendance of 229,761. In addition to an uptick in attendees, the Carolina Classic Fair also experienced an increase in the number of competitive entries, which includes everything from livestock and produce to canned food items, flowers and arts & crafts . . . The fair received more than 400 competitive entries versus 2022, landing at 19,325 entries for the 2023 Carolina Classic Fair.

The Winston Salem Florist Association proudly participated in this year’s fair.  The theme used by it’s designers was named, “I Like Calling North Carolina Home.”

Competitors had several design areas to choose from and were instructed to create interpretive pieces for the following specifics.  Ocracoke Beach, Asheville’s Biltmore Estates Buffet, North Carolina Military sympathy, Reed NC gold and emeral mines jewelry, Cherokee headdress, Winston’s Reynolda Gardens bridal bouquet.  Congratulations to all that participated from around the state.  Everyone did a fabulous job. 

Below, we have included some pictures of the different designs.  The excellence of the finished product just shows that the association’s designers are top-notch and some owe their know-how to many hours of study amongst top designers and also thru techniques learned in the education process of the association.

If you’re curious and new to our association and want to dive head first into the floral design industry, you’ll want to begin with the correct education.  The NCSFA along with the Texas State Florist Association offers a comprehensive design study that includes online study ending up with a hands-on school that will prepare you for the floral industry with a final Certificate of Completion and Certified Professional Florist designation that will allow you to have the early tool to land a great designers job at any florist.  READ MORE . . .



.....artistic design in real time with a unique perspective
3:00 - 4:30 pm Inquire at Registration table

This hands-on workshop will give you mechanical concepts and skills to easily construct intricate and impressive floral accessories to offer beyond corsages. These techniques will set you up to create designs that are updated, fashion-forward and artful while remaining mechanically strong and wearable.
* Please bring your own tools, i.e. clippers, scissors, wire cutters, and knives.

Heather Ann Miller, NCCPF is the creative director of Eclectic Sage, a Raleigh based event design and floral studio. While spending many years working in the interior architectural design field, Heather also explored product and textile design. During these explorations, she realized she loved the studio experience and started contributing her artistic eye for colors, trends, and design to a wide variety of projects. Her venture with Eclectic Sage bridges her various art forms and allows her to lend a unique perspective to every design. To see some of her work check out her website and follow her on Instagram where she often shares behind the scene stories. @eclecticsage

Sponsored by the NCSFA Education Committee

FREE to observe for Weekend Ticket Holders - $25 to Participate
Please pre-register so we'll know how many flowers to provide.


FFA WORKSHOP - Impress your AG Department
presented by former NCSFA President
Friday   4:30 - 6:30 pm in the Mendenhall Room
Sherri Suttle, Bostic, NC

Whether you are making arrangements for an FFA banquet , prom, etc. , learn how to make designs with an unexpected twist that will leave students and teachers alike in awe of what just came from the Ag Department! We will be using a variety of flowers, floral products and non traditional design products to create beautiful centerpieces that are sure to be a hit. Sherri will be showing you design tips, tricks and ideas, but this is a hands on class as well. So……. let your creative juices start flowing now!

$15 Discount Coupon for Members in the Members Zone


DESIGN II PROGRAM - "Will You Marry Me"
secrets will be revealed from a pro .....
Saturday - 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm in the Chimney Rock Room

Flowers are much more than flowers in the 21st century, and to separate yourselves from the competition, you need to do much more than just flowers.  This program will open your eyes to possibilities that have worked well for Fresh Affairs and Michael will share some of their secrets that will help you take a different approach to your consults and services that you should be offering!

Michael Whaley Aifd Cfd has over three decades of experience in the floral industry and has been involved with every aspect during his career. He has a passion for continuing self-education and, more importantly, sharing that acquired knowledge with other designers in the industry. Over the years he has studied with some of the greatest designers in the world including Gregor Lersch, Hitomi Gilliam, Tomas De Bruyne and Per Benjamin among others.  Michael has been awarded NCSFA Designer of the Year and Southern Retail Florist Association Designer of the Year.  His love of interpretive design led him to The Jim Treadway Cup for interpretive design and after winning this coveted competition three times he was inducted into the Jim Treadway Hall of Fame.  He was also a regional representative for Americas Cup, Great American Design Competition.  Michael was inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers and has been heavily involved with programs presented at AIFD National Symposium. He is currently the chairman of the National Education Committee, serves as vice president of the Southern Chapter of AIFD, and is an AIFD certified evaluator/judge.  Michael currently works as Creative Director for Fresh Affairs, an upscale wedding and special events studio based in Raleigh, NC. 

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