Miniature Workshop Fun and Informative

Held on Sunday, January 21st, 2018 from 1-4 in the afternoon at the Airport Embassy Suites in Greensboro, the Miniature Workshop was both fun and informative for attendees. Tammy Yow-Russell CFD NCCPF, the Queen of miniature competition, put together the workshop to enlighten attendees about miniature design and what fun they are to create. Twelve bold souls ranging in design experience from 1 month to more than 35 years, we won’t name names…, arrived promptly at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Tammy was well prepared with handouts and brought in some of her miniature designs, both those that won awards and those that were “disasters” in her words. She also provided lots of items to use in the creations. Registrants were asked to create a spaceship or something futuristic to go along with the theme of the 2018 convention. After some time to create the designs, each person presented theirs and said a few words about it. The atmosphere was very relaxed, and somewhat like a reunion for many who were there. The Education Committee provided snacks and small sodas and NCSFA was very gracious to sponsor the room. In Tammy’s words, “It is always so fulfilling to share the things you are passionate about with those who encompass the same curiosities and desire to learn! To explore and experiment in the realms of various designs is very rewarding to all!”

Author:  Bill McPhail, Education Committee

Here’s some great pics grabbed from a cellphone…

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