NCSFA Convention 2018 Annuls

We’ll begin with all the results of the competitions held at this year’s convention with any included thoughts from the appropriate chairperson(s). We’ll then migrate to a final thank you from the out going President and then wrap it up with some pics that were taken at this year’s event.  Highlighted will be some of the NC Jim Treadaway Cup and other competition pics.

WINNER: Bobbie Barrett


1st Runner-Up:  Janice Rhinehart

2nd Runner-Up:  Alicia Springfield

WINNER:  Janice Rhinehart

1st Runner-Up:  Jennifer Retarides

2nd Runner-Up:  Samantha Brady

Friday night competitions were exciting, in large part, due to the number of competitors in Body Flowers and Advanced Body Flowers. Originally there were 6 contestants in Body Flowers, one had to drop out, and 4 in Advanced Body Flowers. Many in the Body Flowers competition were first timers. And they did not disappoint! 1st and 2nd in Body Flowers went to first time competitors Janice Rhinehart of Jan’s Blossom Shop and Jennifer Retarides of Send Your Love Florist, respectively. The designs in Advanced Body Flowers were all striking, and decidedly different! Congratulations to Derek Wood of Youngs Florist for capturing First place and to Tammy Yow-Russell of Russell Meadows Floral and Nature Farm for taking 2nd place. All the competitors were on time and ready to practice for the walk-through. Congratulations to all those who entered for contributing to an exciting Friday night!

Bill McPhail & John Herron, co-chairs

WINNER: Derek Wood


1st Runner-Up:  Tammy Yow-Russell

WINNER: Charita Walker


1st Runner-Up:  Jessica Nance

WINNER: Robert Huff


1st Runner-Up:  Tammy Yow-Russell

WINNER:  Joseph Barnes


1st Runner-Up:  Steven Custer

WINNER:  Billy Hess


1st Runner-Up:  Joan Caudle

2nd Runner-Up:  Clark Goodin

WINNER: Samantha Brady

1st Runner-Up:  Steven Custer

2nd Runner-Up:  Sherri Suttle

This was my first experience as chairman of a competition. It was fun seeing all the excitement and nerves. I’m just glad I didn’t have to judge the bridal bouquets. When I was on stage announcing the winners it was awesome to see their faces when they found out where they placed. Can’t wait ’til next year.

Janice Rhinehart, Chairperson

WINNER:   Tammy Yow-Russell


1st Runner-Up:  Joan Caudle

2nd Runner-Up:  John Herron

WINNER:  Mary Matherly


1st Runner-Up:  Janice Rhinehart

WINNER:  Derek Wood


1st Runner-Up:  Joan Caudle

2nd Runner-Up:  Billy Hess

WINNER: Brian Hyde (3 time winner)


Honorable Mention:  Jody McLeod

WINNER:   Jody McLeod

NC DOGWOOD CUP WINNER:  Stephanie Garrett

1st Runner-Up:  Brian Hyde

Honorary Life Award:  Rigdon and Martha Scruggs

Wholesaler of the Year Award:  Danny Hinton

Distinguished Service Awards:  Bill McPhail, Carol Mills, Pat Murray

SUCCESS! SUCCESS!  A big thanks to everyone who came, participated, planned, judged, tabulated, donated, sponsored, designed, served, cooked or in any way contributed to the success of this year’s “Look To The Future” NCSFA Convention. There are so many to thank if I omit someone please forgive me. Fantastic! Another convention year with no losses to the association. Next year, let’s shoot for a profit to our organization. When we make money, we can pass it on as Educational scholarships to help our members achieve the design success that they’re all shooting for.

This year’s convention came together fast. Without the help of some very talented and learned individuals, there may have been problems but overall it went over without a hitch. The program book was put together in 30 days and hopefully next year we can begin a few months early and have 100 pages. That would be a BIG bonus to the association because we do make approximately 65% profit after expenses on the program book.

Special thanks to the Convention chairpersons Lynn Wilkinson and Jim Tysinger, Lobby decorations by Steven Custer and the rocket in the hotel atrium by Cindy Tole, Friday night table decorations by GGFA , Competition Chairs and all contestants, all wholesalers for generous donations of product, all designers who participated in design shows, GTFA for sponsoring the Friday nite music, Barbour and Hinton for providing music Friday and sat night, new directors for serving, Maxcine Matier, Danny Hinton, and Stephanie Garrett for flowers and a touching memorial service, and GTFA for the gorgeous decorations at the Members Banquet. Especially Donna Pittman, Michael Whaley and Stephanie Garrett.

The Embassy Suites and staff were very helpful and appreciated. The Board of Directors and committees have done a great job this year. Treasurer Carol Mills, Secretary Susi Gordon, and 2nd VP Nelson Simpson have done a tremendous job keeping the Association going and steering the convention. Our webmaster has done a terrific job with the brand new website and I’d like to also thank his company, Wellnix Graphics, LLC, for the super job they did on the convention program book.

Please support our wholesalers, the allied associations and NCSFA! They and your support ARE our Future!!! A huge Thank you for my year as President and I am thoroughly looking forward to the 99th Convention with President Danny Hinton and our Centennial convention with President Nelson Simpson!

Donald E. Holmes, Outgoing President and Chairman of the Board Elect

The NC Jim Treadaway Cup Competition 2018

The opportunity to be the NC Jim Treadaway Cup competition chairman for the 2018 NCSFA convention was an honor. We had seven extremely gifted and talented designers who interpreted the selected artwork with their own unique vision. Each design and description of their concept was, in itself, a work of art.  It was very exciting to watch all of the competitors, who are all friends and colleagues, vie for the prestigious and coveted trophy known as the NC Jim Treadaway Cup. Our sincerest appreciation to Claudia Treadaway, who has so generously donated funds that sponsors a continuing education scholarship, which is also presented each year to the winner.

This Year's Artwork

Congratulations to Brian Hyde, who is now a three time winner and newest member to be inducted into the NC Jim Treadaway Cup Hall of Fame next year! Congratulations also to Jody McLeod as winner of Honorable Mention and People’s Choice!

Respectfully submitted, Tammy Yow-Russell Aifd Cfd NCCPF

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