Introducing Phase One

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A New beginning for the Association members

The much anticipated LAUNCH of the brand new North Carolina State Florists Association website is FINALLY here! As you will notice upon exploring the site, there are several pages and quite a bit of content still under development. Please be patient and check back daily as new pages and content are added.

Our end goal is to eventually become the BEST state florists association website in the nation, creating a tool for all of our members to keep informed of all events, instructional workshops, and association announcements. The mere advantage of having this tool will hopefully make it worth your annual membership fee.

If you’re a current member and reading this, make sure you upload your information so that we might set up your own back office where you can see all your membership information (last payment, next renewal date, join member forums, etc.) and eventually chat live with other members. We’re aiming to create our own membership social area where you can share pictures, post your own achievements and announcements, all while staying secure from prying eyes on the web.

If you have questions or need help with updating your profile, make sure to visit the HELP forum and post your inquiry. This forum is ONLY for technical questions. All other questions can be posted in the other individual group forums.

If you notice something “out-of-whack” with the website, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below pointing out the error or discrepancy. Or, tell us what you think about our new website. Criticism is welcome.

If you’ve come to this site on recommendation from a current member and have questions, you can go to our Prospective Members forum and post any questions you might have.

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