AIFD Guide to Floral Design Book Sale

AIFD is offering “The AIFD Guide to Floral Design: Terms, Techniques & Traditions, 2nd Edition.” This “GUIDE” is a must-have reference source for the professional floral designer.

  • Features over 400 illustrations of design concepts and botanical terms
  • A glossary of terms and guides relevant to designing for special events, including funerals and memorials, weddings, etc.
  • Flower and foliage identification charts that classify a variety of cut flowers and foliages based on color, form, fragrance, line, texture, size, and silhouette.
  • Chart of linen sizes and calculations for fitting round, square, serpentine, or rectangular size tables.
  • Charts outlining the suggested wiring techniques and wire gauges recommended for use with various flowers.

Don’t expect a lot of pretty pictures, do expect the most complete collection of floral design information available in one book. This book is a must for every serious floral designer and retail florist.

AIFD Guide to Floral Designs

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One of our fabulous lifetime members, Pat Murray began this deal for us with a bulk purchase of 10 copies and we sold those out within a month.  We liked this idea so much that we decided to do it again and handle it through our Education Committee.  We have received our 1st shipment of books and they went fast. We have just ordered (Sept. 2018) a new shipment and there now ready to distribute to members and non-members.  All proceeds will go into our Education fund that provides scholarships to deserving members for our hands-on classes and online courses.

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